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I also ended up going out drinking after work and with excessive amounts of alcohol, I completely forgot that I was going commando. It's almost as much fun to have her trip on her face on the floor. I was honestly too hungover to give a shit about most things on day two, let alone my experimentations into underwear. As my panties had become extremely noticeable and irritating to me, I considered a future where one day I would give them up altogether.

As an avid thong wearer, if I had been wearing panties it would have made little difference; the whole shopping center would have witnessed the entirety of my ass crack either way.  There are a number of great trimmers out there specifically designed for the bikini area – click here to check out my recommendations for the best bikini trimmers that will make your life easier A derivation of the tea bag which is accomplished by numbing one's testicles with ice and then inserting them in a chicks mouth and letting the tramp munch on them.Outercourse - Sex play that does not include inserting the penis in the vagina or anus. It gives them a nice view without all the messy cleanup. My Chemical Romance" and the other was "Lady Gaga vs. No meat Wake Up Call - Waking up in the middle of the night with the hard on of your life. On the sixth day of commando week, my true love said to me, try wearing something other than tights to give legitimacy to your experiment. The Full Bush First off, we have au naturel – pubic hair that is completely untrimmed and unshaven.

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This will force the cum to dribble out of the sides of her mouth, thus the teeth of the walrus.Western Grip - When jerking off, turn your hand around, so that your thumb is facing towards you. Under an assumed name in a tropical region, you meet a young hottie and engage in the well known cliche of sex on the beach. As you dismount and prepare for departure, grab a handful of sand, throw it in her eyes, and run away laughing hysterically while leaving her blinded, butt -necked, and knocked up. Then, inconspicuously insert your penis through the bottom of the tub into the popcorn and casually offer some to your bitch.

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Tortoise, The - When you eat out someone who doesn't have pubic hair yet - i.e. As your doin her and gettin close to say holy shit i'm gonna bust the hugest load all over you and you start groaning like its Mount Vesuvius all over again. When a girl starts giving a guy a blow job, and just as he is about to lose his load, she stops and walks away. Hairstyle a line bob. The demilitarized zone of flesh between these two areas.Teabagging - When the female orally pleasures the male partner's balls while he squats over her.Tears of Joy - Your joy, her tears, when she swallows that rod so far back it makes her weep. Yoni Worship - Worship of the female genitals.Yellow Shower - The act of urinating on a person as a means of sexual stimulation; a golden shower. Sud N' Fud - When trying to bang a girl, she gives that same old story, "I not that kind of girl.", "I don't fuck on the first date.", "I'm catholic.", "Stop asshole.", etc. "That mumbler looks quite fit, but I bet she's got a kebab like a ragmans coat!" You're attacking from behind, when you start ramming her head against the wall in a rhythmic motion. Three-Eyed Turtle - Basically plug every orifice of a girl in the following manner: thumb in ass, fingers in pussy, and dick in mouth.- A lady who goes down the first time out.Todger Dodger - A lesbian. Slang term for someone who masturbates frequently.Water Sports - Sex play which involves urine or enemas.Wet Dreams - Erotic imaging during sleep that causes ejaculation. Then, just when you're ready to spew a good week's worth of goo, blast that hefty load in both eyes. Hopefully, you will give her an infection.Switch Hitter - A Bi -Sexual. Logically, I reasoned, the airiness of my outfit would keep my vag healthy and happy. Thus, the pink glove.Pink Sock - This is performed by nailing your bitch doggystyle in her asshole and giving her a simultaneous vigerous blow to the sides of her kidneys thus pulling her colon out onto your dick.Pirate's Treasure - While fucking your girl in the ass, you strike a hefty load of shit. However, the no panties problem still stuck with me throughout the day as I considered the likeliness of having a bowl accident and the lack of layers to deal with such a situation. Cannily, he appears to be courting the women’s vote by having combed the hair on the left side of his head into the shape of a vagina.Photo: Victor J. Take a clear, glass plate and place it on your partners face, then shit on it. Taraji p henson bob hairstyle. Great fun during those long sleepless nights.Reverse Cowgirl - A sexual position where the girl mounts and rides cock, facing the man.Roddy Piper, The - When getting your girl from behind, you toss the sleeper hold on her and knock her out ala Rowdy Roddy Piper. It’s a very simple way to feel like a deviant without going through all the effort of cheating on your husband or killing your ex-best friend. Urolagnia - Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine.Utopian Swinger - A person who practices swinging as a total lifestyle with humanistic ideals.Up On The Blocks - Menstruating i.e. It is the same grip that rodeo folks use, hence, western.Westside Glaze - Same as the eastside glaze, but the majority of your jizz lands on the left side of her face.Woody Woodpecker - When a girl is sucking on your balls, tap your cock on her forehead. After hearing all this bullshit, you whip out your handy bar of soap. Essentially, the only aspect of my lifestyle I would change was going to be my underwear - or lack thereof - and to see if this change affected my lifestyle at all. How to style long bob hairstyle. A British term for male homosexual or effeminate male

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