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Close-fitting cloche hats had also become very popular, and couldn't be worn with long hair. If your hair is naturally thick, an inverted bob will remove the unwanted heaviness, providing sufficient movement Imagine being six years old and finding out that your mother was part of one of the most iconic musical groups in recent history. and world news, as well as entertainment, trends, science, health and stunning photography. Keira Knightley had a bob in her short TV ad for Coco Mademoiselle. Hairstyle logo design. Well-known bob-wearers were actresses Clara Bow and Joan Crawford, as well as Dutch film star Truus van Aalten. Schimmel’s hair even became the template for Beckham’s own recent long, blunt bob: “She epitomizes the VVB girl-it’s effortless.” Long HairstyleVictoria keeps her long hair open in this picture as the waves fall over her shoulders.Victoria Beckham Asymmetric StyleThe side layer are cut in an irregular fashion to get an edgy and interesting look. Check out the pink highlights.Victoria Beckham LayersVictoria Beckham loves adding lots of layers to her hair. Check out the short bangs on her forehead.Victoria Beckham HairstyleBlonde and elegant, Victoria goes for an interesting updo here.

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Miranda Cosgrove Got a Short Bob Haircut for 2017.

Shoulder-length bobs became popular after being sported by stars such as Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Check out her dark hair and how it rises in trendy peaks for a fresh look.Victoria Beckham Simple StyleVictoria sometimes goes for a very simple look. She also wears the cut in the video for her duet with James Ingram, Somewhere Out There. Check out her high updo with some strands falling over both sides of her face.Blonde Victoria BeckhamVictoria goes all blonde in this picture as she sports an asymmetrical bob cut.Brown HairstyleWarm and brown are the high points of Victoria’s hair color here. Later, ex–Spice Girl Victoria Beckham decided to cut her own hair into such a style, helping to raise its popularity worldwide with girls asking hairdressers for a "Pob"-Ms Beckham's nickname Posh Spice conflated with "bob". She has stated that she got her inspiration from Charlize Theron in. So Victoria showed her daughter the Spice Girls dolls and revealed her not-so-secret past.The final photo's caption says, "When you find out mummy was a pop star!! Xxx"Now we're just hoping for some videos of Harper rocking out to "Wannabe."Related Stories:--- Latest Headlines Trending Stories Victoria Beckham Explore UPI United Press International United Press International is a leading provider of news, photos and information to millions of readers around the globe via and its licensing services. Check out the waves framing the sides of her face.Victoria Beckham UpdoSmartly decked up and posing, Victoria looks neat with a pretty updo while a strand of hair falls gently over her face.Smart Beckham HairstyleHer black hair done up in a very short crop, Victoria looks the image of style. The hair falls a little below her ears and is styled with a center parting.Casual Bun BeckhamOn a day out Victoria pulls her hair casually into a bun at the back. Look at her elegant shiny hair with just a touch of wave.Victoria Side Pony HairstyleStanding before a swanky sedan, Victoria looks cool with a pretty side pony for her straight hair.Victoria goes for a very chic updo in this picture. Jenny McCarthy is known for a sporting an A-line bob. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Many styles and combinations of the "bob" have evolved since. The Posh Spice doll is wearing her signature little black dress and blunt bob, and next to her there's Baby Spice with her pigtails, Scary Spice in her leopard dress, Sporty Spice in her workout gear, and Ginger Spice in a Union Jack dress. The style was spreading even beyond the West, as women who rejected traditional roles adopted the bob cut as a sign of modernity. Sidecut hairstyle. Check out her hair as it sits high towards the back and folds into a neat back bun.Victoria Funky StyleThis super hot star sure loves her hair colors. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. See how her hair is pinned up at the back with long layers covering the side of her face.Victoria Beckham CuteA hairband is all Victoria needs to make a unique hairstyle. A shaggy version of the bob was popularized by Dianna Agron and Rooney Mara. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Note how the style shows a lot of her forehead.Victoria Beckham Simple HairstyleVictoria opts for a medium bob as she poses for this picture. She has her hair open and flowing with a center parted look.Victoria Beckham Trendy HairstyleThis is an extremely trendy short hairstyle with a side parting. Hairstyle for wedding guest long hair. The bob is cut at the level of ears, below the ears or above shoulders. Historically, women in the West have usually worn their hair long. Its resurgence coincided with the arrival of the "mop top" Beatle cut for men. Short v cut hairstyle. Catch her with a very short crop that highlights the beauty of her thick hair This article's lead section may not adequately summarize key points of its contents. At her third show in Brisbane, Australia, Britney Spears wore the bob throughout her concert. See her sporting a stylish short crop with deep red highlights.Victoria Outdoors HairstyleStraight hair cut right across in a short and spiky hairstyle, Victoria looks cool as she crosses the road.Everyday LookCatch the superstar on one of her regular shopping sprees. “I have to be honest, I was inspired by this girl,” she said, gesturing to a photograph of model Saadi Schimmel from the lookbook, a pared-back shoot that took place on Mersea Island in Essex. The stacked bob haircut is designed to offer you a fuller look and a perfect volume at the back of your head. Note how the hair tapers against the back of the neck, defining the shape of her head.Casual HairstyleA very short hairstyle with plenty of layers is the high point of this look. Hairdressers, whose training was mainly in arranging and curling long hair, were slow to realise that short styles for women had arrived to stay, and so barbers in many cities found lines of women outside their shops, waiting to be shorn of hair that had taken many years to grow. Some of the shorter strands fall easily over her face.Victoria Beckham Cropped LookUltimate cool defines this look as Victoria sports a very short crop that highlights her sharp features.Elegant HairstyleSometimes Victoria goes for a formal look like you see here in this picture. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security “She’s a really cool girl, the kind of girl we all either want to be friends with or be.” Victoria Beckham was talking about the eternal muse of her much-lusted-after little sister line Victoria Victoria Beckham from her bustling south London HQ. She went to her stylist in Toronto and told him "Do whatever you like." He cut Lenko's waist length hair into what is referred to as an A-line bob, where the hairs shorter in the back and gradually longer toward the front, with the longest pieces toward the front of the face

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