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Victorians weren’t as serious as people think they were, but they sure took their hair seriously. However, loose hair wasn’t something that “respectable” women would wear in public and was mostly a style used for the sake of art. Hair Accessories and Popular Headwear Bobby Pin or Kirbigrip The metal hair pin was designed to keep the short bobbed hairstyles in place. You can choose all the colors and add scars as well! The hairstyle section is very romantic, with flowing historical styles, reminiscent of regency and rococo eras. Hair could be tamed with chemicals or heat, but not everyone wanted to go down this route. There’s only one more volume left and it’s already been completely translated so all we need is some one to edit it or at least typeset the chapters when we can get them cleaned. This one has been waiting to debut for a while so we hope you enjoy it! Since I was in a bit of a hurry, I posted the links for you here. When it comes to long hair, nobody could top the Seven Sutherland Sisters. The bob was the hairstyle of the decade and was symbolic of women’s new-found freedom, rights, opportunities and options. In the United States, influential dancer and trendsetter Irene Castle helped to make the bob popular. So enjoy this chapter and we’ll see you again at the end of April! We are still looking for people to help edit or at least typeset chapters so if you’re interested, please contact me at I really need a Korean translator and some editors to finish up projects. Some women looked as if they’d just got out of bed at sea. Pattern is charted and the English language key is at the bottom. She was famous for her “robe de style,” the chemise and the Breton suit. The exuberant and unconventional celebrities challenged the traditional styles worn by women by wearing short skirts, unrestricted clothes and make-up. Keep your fingers crossed because if I can, that will be another project completed.

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Bobble and Leaf Cowl Hood JUST ADDED! Designed by Lana Grossa this accessory can be worn as a hood or turned down into a cowl. Approx. Choppy layered hairstyle. We only have one more chapter left and I’m going to try and get it done for you this next month. The chemise-style  were unfitted, and resembled a straight tube shape which fell in a straight line almost to the ankle with thin spaghetti straps. However, we could really use some help with editing and some translating because there’s not very many of us here. Half shaved head hairstyle images. See more Cowl Knitting Patterns Margate Hood Cozy hood is simple garter stitch rectangle cleverly folded and seamed.

While still parting it in the middle, many women began padding the sides, creating large wings or rolls. In Britain and The United States, many women had the right to vote for the first time. Charleston Bob A softer-looking and longer bob, named after the popular dance of the decade. As with all trends that create shock waves, things gradually calmed. So please take a moment to visit their site and give them a big thanks for helping us get this project completed. Emo girl short hairstyle

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