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Undercut hairstyle female long hair. Messy Bob If you want to look charming and vibrant, this wavy and messy bob will be just ideal. Another stop for Marantz fans is the MarantzTalk group on Yahoo. Some will find the most valuable aspect of this site to be the updated, accurate sale price information for the equipment we cover.

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If you've got some vintage machine documentation you'd like to share with fellow rockhounds, please contact me Mike is a McIntosh factory authorized service center. Swept Back Hair Now, this is simple yet graceful bob that features considerable volume at the top of the head. Wide forehead hairstyle. Our panel has bought and sold on eBay hundreds of times, making us uniquely qualified to analyze prevailing prices of top tuners. With the help of people who are fortunate enough to have the manufacturer's documentation for their vintage machines, I'm hoping that over time I'll be able to assemble and publish a useful and helpful collection of manuals as an on-going project. Our hats are off to David Gleason for putting together such an incredible resource. Asian hairstyle guys.

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There was a 'hidden' handling fee, and he ignored two e-mails regarding info on shipping dates. Wavy Bob With A Pretty Headband Image: ShutterstockA wavy bob with a headband can also be considered as a nice choice for short hair. He admitted to me that I might be right, 'maybe it's not a tuner.' He's definitely wanting to scam someone. The Radio Road board on Audio Asylum is that audiophile site's primary tuner discussion forum. Thanks to our contributor Lorne in Japan for this translation of k-nisi's tuner pages. Anthony Young has a site for Soundcraftsmen and his old Phase Linear site is now hosted by Rick Stout's The Textured Pixie Pixie is definitely one of the best short haircuts for fine hair. Our contributor Bruce Carter has a ton of great links on his page, and WTFDA member Mike Bugaj's website is a good DX-centric site. There are also excellent Yahoo groups for Kenwood, Sansui, McIntosh and Realistic. To make it easier for TIC readers to locate tuners on eBay, there are little "Search eBay" links next to most TIC tuner listings. Rick has also resuscitated the old Vintage Technics site, with specs and brochure photos of all types of Technics equipment. Our thanks to Beatlefred and everyone else who helps us keep track of Henry's activities. His statement that this unknown tuner "won many prizes as best in the world!" is so ridiculous that it can only be an outright lie. I will make this documentation freely available for download in PDF format to anyone in need of a manual to restore or operate a vintage machine acquired as an inheritance, or from other venues such as estate sales, club auctions, eBay, Craig's List, etc. Mistrwidget mostly sells little "vintage" crap, but if he ever tries to sell a tuner again we hope he'll get the level of interest and trust he deserves. Several TIC readers had unpleasant experiences dealing with a guy named Henry Jean-Louis of Valley Stream, New York, who used to pad his feedback by buying books for a penny and then tried to sell things like multi-thousand dollar Accuphase equipment.

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Antique Outboard Motor Virtual Museum  Enjoy some rare vintage motors from Bob's personal collection. This idiot even points out that the tuner is "from the JVC/Victor section of my collection." Sheesh. You can read about Henry in our FMtuners group in a series of posts that begins here, or in the Yahoo Classic Sansui group in a thread that begins here. And now, one of the sleaziest, most dishonest things we've ever seen.

On eBay, he made his feedback and bidders' identities private, which prevents good Samaritans from emailing the bidders to warn them

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