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Some might require you to be older to serve alcohol. Baby braids hairstyle.

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In general, the fancier the restaurant is, the more likely you will need will gauge to have a cloth draped over your arm. If they are not eating or ordering anything it is not looked good upon if they stay for more than just a couple minutes. It really depends on the sort of restaurant you are working in. Though, if you're not sure, ask the manager politely and he or she will help you. Even the most complicated and extensive orders can be remembered as long as you write them down in your server book. The person interviewing you will put you in scenarios common in a restaurant and see if you act appropriately. Ideally, try to make the answer even more obvious, so that future customers are less likely to ask it. There's always an obvious question, which most customers ask.

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Don't forget anything - for example - if you're making tea, make sure you give out cups, saucers, milk and a teaspoon. Use the path of least resistance for clearing and serving.

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If you are allowed a cigarette break, follow it by washing your hands, rinsing your mouth and - when possible - decontaminating your clothing by spritzing yourself with a twist of lemon. Never try to hide a mistake from management - you'll only make the problem worse. Take the answer back to the customer yourself, do not ask your coworker or a manager to do so for you. Learn items that guests commonly prefer to have arrive before their main course. If you have long hair make sure to bring extra hair-ties just in case you or a co-worker needs it By Kara McGrath You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. If you're good at remembering things, try to remember the usual food and drinks your regular guests order. If you do wear perfume or cologne, make sure you never put on too much. If they order a soup, salad, and main course, be sure to ask if they would like their soup and/or salad before their meal, as most of the time they will say yes. The smell can be overwhelming and drive guests out of the restaurant instead of tempting them to come in. Even if your restaurant automatically serves soup and salad first, ask the question because some guests might prefer the other way around. If your friends come to visit, keep conversations short and treat them as you would other clients. If you let one bad thing get to you, you'll slip up more and more. Put the napkin with the fork and knife and on the top right the glass of water. This can make ordering a lot more simple and efficient. When the diner has had his entrees, you set the fork and knife for the main course by putting the knife on the right and fork on the left. Learn other items that come out in certain order so that you can customize their arrival to your guests' liking. Make sure you can carry out all of the normal procedures quickly and consistently

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