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Be careful not to burn your own hair in the process. Finger-comb your curls to the appropriate side of your head. If your hair is less pixie, more short bob, this is a cute, easy look to pull off for short curly hair. Take the top layer of the pony and pull it through the elastic. All you need to do is spritz your hair with a water bottle and then reshape it as desired. First timers are automatically treated to a complimentary wax.Women can avail of a free bikini line, underarm or eyebrow wax while rugged men can get a complimentary wax in the ear, nose or brow. Using your fingertips on the still-warm hair, make a rolling motion to blend the extension with your natural hair.

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Pull it through a styling donut until the donut rest at the base, and wrap the ponytail around the donut, securing it with bobby pins.If you'd like, you can pull some strands loose around your face for a softer look. In the morning, take out the braid, spray a bit more product, and you’re ready to go!After you apply your texturizing spray, twirl your hair so it really soaks up the product. It does take some effort to achieve a sleek, stylish style and hair wax is the facilitator between messy and just plain old messed up. If you’re constantly battling frizz and knots with slightly longer hair, serum can save you some serious work. Next, pull out pieces of hair from the pony so they frame your face for a soft, casual look. You can take a thin strand of hair from the underside of the pony and wrap it around the elastic so that the tie is not visible. While serum may seem like it’s not particularly necessary, you may be pleased to know that serums are formulated for guys, and better yet, they can maximize your head of hair to add the appearance of thickness. Remove the scarf, apply oil on your twists, and then separate the twists.Be sure to start with moisturized hair.

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Wet your hair in the morning and apply a leave-in conditioner while it’s still damp. Comb through the conditioner with a wide-tooth comb, and let your hair air-dry.Once your hair is dry, don’t touch it - doing so will just create frizz. Although you obviously want your extensions to be longer than your current length, avoid adding a dramatic amount of difference between your natural length and the extensions. If you need to, clip the divider into your hair with a bobby pin or hair clip. • You can use hair serum to protect your hair while styling, too.

Secure the pieces together with a hair elastic or a sparkly barrette.Don't gather your bangs or the hair framing your face when you pull back your hair. It is a naturally occurring, organic process that can be accelerated and tidied with careful use of natural products, or let grow wild and free of it’s own true will – whichever your heart desires The is a woman's hairstyle in which long hair is piled up in a conical shape on the top of the head and slightly backwards pointing, giving some resemblance to the shape of a traditional beehive. Next, pull back your side-swept hair with a pretty barrette right above your ear. " 'We had high hair anyway.' So the Ronettes made their hair still higher-'We used a lot of Aqua Net' ". Tuck in any of the scarf's loose ends to keep the 'do looking neat. Curly hair already has all the texture it needs to stand out, so you don't need to do much. Center the pony so it’s visible from the front, and secure it with a hair elastic.It may be easier to flip your head upside down and gather all the hair atop your head. Rest assured: any build-up that occurs usually has very little to do with products used, and much more to do with how often and well locks are washed. Be sure to evenly space the extensions, so that you have a level length of hair all the way around your head. Hipster men hairstyle. There are things you can do to minimize the discomfort. Brush out flyaways by spraying a toothbrush with hairspray and running it with a front-to-back motion across your hair. Hold the end of the extension and your hair by the roots in the flat iron for a few seconds. Short, curly hair can be tricky to work with, so sometimes, the best thing you can do is let it take its natural course. Diffuse or air dry your hair.If you don’t mind a little frizz, you can gently backcomb pieces of your hair all around your head. Why You’ll Love It: You can restyle moussed hair throughout the day without making your hair overly sticky. Human hair extensions also come in many grades, such as Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, three of the most popular.

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Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair the night before. Be sure to distribute it evenly enough to avoid clumps or sections. Then, use a round brush to “blowdry” the already dry hair to get even more texture. If you use a hairdryer, applying a few drops of the product can prevent excessive damage. Move your hands in the direction that you’d like your hair to go. Apply the extensions in evenly spaced vertical sections. Create tiny two- and three-strand braids from the hair around your bangs, even if you can only do a few twists with each braid. Create a very deep side part by placing the part right above where your eyebrow ends

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