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His file contains depositions by Isaac Overbaugh and Captain Van Vechten's son, Peter Vechten. For a portion of the war, Robert resided at Bowman's Creek.

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He states he was taken along with private Robert Daviness. He was wounded in the right arm in the Battle of White Plains. Interestingly, he enlisted in the said regiment while residing in the City of Albany, Albany County, New York. He served in Captain Pierce's Company of Colonel Cook's Regiment.

He served as a private in Captain Peter Winne’s Company of the Saratoga District Regiment. At the outset of the war, he was living with his father in New Hartford Township, Litchfield County, Connecticut. He states that they then pursued the enemy up the West Canada Creek to where Walter Butler and nine of his Indian allies were killed, after which they marched to Fort Plain and were discharged. He appears in the Comptroller’s Records as Phillip Bartee. He served in the First and Second New York Regiments. As a result of his desertion he feared being captured by the British and thus served in the American Cause under the assumed name of John Peacock. William Wallace states he remembers seeing Mason in the Battle of Johnstown.

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He served as private in Captain Henry Slosson's Company of Colonel [ ] Sheldon's Regiment and was present when the Meeting House and [Ezra] Lockwood's Home where burnt by the British. His file contains depositions by Jacob Willsey, Isaac Wilsey, and Salter Pulman. He also served in Captain William Telford's Company Company of the South End Regiment of Ulster County Militia. Cynical twist hairstyle. He served as a private in Captain Harmanus Mabie's Company of the First Rensselaerwyck District Regiment of Albany County Militia [Colonel Philip P. He served as a matross in Captain John Doughty's Company of Colonel John Lamb's Regiment of Artillery. Hairstyle for baby girls. He served in Captain Jacob Yate's Company of Colonel Peter Yate's Regiment and Captain Walter Groesbeck of Colonel John Knickerbocker's Regiment. His file contains a deposition by Daniel Ver Planck of the Fourth New York Regiment. He served in Captain Ambrose Horton's Company of Colonel James Holmes' Regiment.


His file contains an extensive Family Bible Record. He also served as a fifer in Captain [ ] Pardy's Company of Colonel [ ] Sheldon's Regiment. The cannon ball which wounded him also killed a Mister Smith and Harmanus Brown. He served for six months in Colonel John Lasher's Regiment of General John Morin Scott's Brigade. He served as a private in Captain Henry Pawling’s Company of Colonel Albert Pawling's Regiment

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