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Most members of the were intellectuals, scholars, ulema, journalists, economists, and professionals in different fields. We are going back to Islam not by choice but by the force of circumstances. Even though Zia had removed the Bhutto sentiment in the nuclear energy project, Zia did not completely disband Bhutto's policy on nuclear weapons. This was despite strong support from the largest Western country, the United States, and warm meetings between Zia and President Ronald Reagan. He is also noted as being one of Pakistan's most successful generals, placing the armed forces in charge of the country's affairs. Zayn will not mind dating his fan and will not hide the relationship also. New tax rates were introduced, further decreasing cinema attendances. However, his most remembered and enduring legacy was his indirect involvement and military strategies, by proxy supporting the Mujahideen, against the USSR's war in Afghanistan. This act encouraged Abdul Qadeer Khan, who allegedly tried to aid the Libyan nuclear programme but because Libya–Pakistan relations were strained, Khan was warned of serious consequences. According to Gromyko, Zia's sincerity convinced them, but Zia's actions didn't live up to his words. Also in attendance was his successor President Ghulam Ishaq Khan chiefs of staff of armed forces, chairman joint chiefs, and other high military and civil officials. Bhutto's way of flourishing in this Society was by eroding its moral fiber. The hybridisation of Pakistan penal code with Islamic laws was difficult because of the difference in the underlying logic of the two legal systems. He was previously a member of the band One Direction. The Soviets declared a policy of national reconciliation. After Bhutto's execution, momentum to hold elections began to mount both internationally and within Pakistan. In practice the Hudd requirement-four Muslim men of good repute testifying as witness to the crime-was seldom met. Uncorroborated testimony by women was inadmissible in hudood crimes. On the recommendation of Akbar, Zia approved the appointment of Munir Ahmad Khan as the scientific director of the atomic bomb project, as Zia was convinced by Akbar that civilian scientists under Munir Khan's directorship were at their best to counter international pressure. After the retirement of Zahid Ali Akbar, Zia transferred control of the nuclear weapons programme to Bhutto's close aide Munir Ahmad Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and Special Service Group now became actively involved in the conflict, and in co-operation with the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States Army Special Forces supported the armed struggle against the Soviets. Zia's nuclear proliferation policy had a deep impact on the world, especially anti-western states, most nominally North Korea and Iran. Wassom, the head of the US Military aid mission to Pakistan.Ghulam Ishaq Khan, the Senate chairman announced Zia's death on radio and TV.

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It concluded 'the most probable cause of the crash was a criminal act of sabotage perpetrated in the aircraft'. It also suggested that poisonous gases were released which incapacitated the passengers and crew, which would explain why no signal was given. His actions spurred innovation in the atomic bomb project and an intense secrecy and security culture permeated PAEC and KRL. Malik has greater influence of urban music, rap, R&B on his own music interests.

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During this meeting, General Rahman was heard saying: "Kabul must burn! Kabul must burn!", and mastered the idea of a proxy war in Afghanistan. To be found guilty of theft, , or drinking alcohol by less strict standards-where the punishment was flogging and/or imprisonment-was common, and there have been many floggings. In Zia's view, socialist economics and a secular-socialist orientation served only to upset Pakistan's natural order and weaken its moral fibre. The socialist orientation and nationalisation program was slowly reversed; the idea of corporatisation was heavily favoured by President Zia-ul-Haq to direct the authoritarianism in the nationalised industries. Textbooks were overhauled to remove un-Islamic material, and un-Islamic books were removed from libraries. Major-General Zahid Ali Akbar, an engineering officer, had little role in the atomic project; Zia responded by taking over the programme under military control and disbanded the civilian directorate when he ordered the arrest of Hassan. Historians and political scientists widely discussed and studied his policy making skills, some authors noting him as "The Ringmaster", "Master of Illusion" and "Master Tactician". Andropov expressed indignation over Pakistan's support of the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Union and her satellite state, Soviet Afghanistan.

This was tolerated if not condoned by their American sponsors such as the CIA. He claimed later that reports of Israeli and Indian involvement in Zia's plane-crash were only speculations and he rejected the statement that was given by former president Ghulam Ishaq Khan that the presidential plane was blown up in the air. Akbar consolidated the entire project by placing the scientific research under military control, setting boundaries and goals. Soon, Zia promoted Khan as the technical director of the entire programme as well as appointing Khan as his Science Adviser. Out of the country's short history, Zia-ul-Haq's legacy remains a most toxic, enduring, and tamper-proof legacy, according to the editorial written in. Their band was originally going to be called as “Status Single”. During his regime, western styles in hair, clothing, and music flooded the country. Natural hairstyle updos

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