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Not the best pet name, Princess sounds like a high maintenance girl. The right cut can make minimize the appearance of receding hairlines and thinning hair at the hairline and crown. Sugar Lips- If her lips taste like honey, this is the name for your girlfriend. This sounds like something an old couple would say. Maybe this will work for you, but Chocolate seems to lack a cuteness factor. When said with the wrong vocal tone, Star ends up sounding like a stripper name. A great cut and style can elevate the simplest clothes and does even more for a dapper outfit. Instead of being slicked back with a comb, these fresh looks are styled with fingers for plenty of volume, a natural finish and the appearance of movement. Squash blossom hairstyle. Angel Eyes- Another pet name with the word “angel”.

Just as with the full man bun, the semi bun has been used by male celebrities such as Zayn Malik. Prior to the manbun trend of placing the bun on the vertex, men had been tying their hair low on the back of the head for many, many years. The undercut, aka disconnect hairstyle, shaves hair down to one length from a line extending back from the temple. Sweet Kitten- If you like pet names that involve the word kitten, this should work for you. Short wavy hairstyles just need a hint of product while some of the longer looks will benefit from some blow drying with a diffuser for added Continue ReadingNick Young, also known as Swaggy P, started his basketball career with the Washington Wizards and a classic buzz cut. You may want to check with her first, but this is a fairly good nickname. Little Muppet- An interesting way to mix things up a bit. Snowflake manages to be beautiful without implying that she is a princess or anything she could view as negative. They also met during The X Factor and started dating soon thereafter. If you call your girlfriend “Princess” or “Precious”, she will become a princess. The low manbun has been a male hairstyle that has been used for centuries. These are: The man bun was started as a trend by hipsters who wanted to differentiate themselves from their brethren who wore slicked back undercuts and contour haircuts. Going back to the hairstyle itself, the man bun is, in fact, a very simply hairstyle, but there’s one specific requirement for it: that you have long hair. Grease hairstyle for girls. Sweetie Pie- Again, this may be a bit old for the modern couple.

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His hair is still on point, with a classic cut and trendy styles. Tater Tot happens to be a great name for girls called Taylor. Add any type of fade, a line up, shaved lines and/or a touch of length to create your own unique look. Styling in Continue ReadingThe comb over is a classic haircut that has evolved but not gone out of style. He posted a steamy picture on Instagram with this blonde, which sparked dating rumors

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