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Men's Haircuts + Hairstyles 2017

From time to time, Drake even grows hair long enough to have some curls. If staying cool while playing sports is more important, a fade haircut looks good with minimal effort. Some say it’s redundant, audacious while others see it as a strong statement.

40 High and Tight Haircut Ideas for The Right Attitude.

Tree braids hairstyle. High and Tight for Receding Hairline There are ways to hide the receding hairline. Short wavy hairstyles just need a hint of product while some of the longer looks will benefit from some blow drying with a diffuser for added Continue ReadingNick Young, also known as Swaggy P, started his basketball career with the Washington Wizards and a classic buzz cut. Hair on the sides can be the same length as fringe or shorter. You’ll just need to buy him a quality pomade or styling product to create the look He continued to make headlines as he and Miley became engaged to one another and when he played a starring role in the popular The Hunger Games film series. Faded High and Tight If you want to go easy on the razors, this is it. You may think that it doesn’t need too much attention. That means lots of volume and hair to style any way that you like. For boys that don't like to sit still and have thick hair that grows fast, shorter cuts all the way down to a buzz may be the way to go. High and Tight with Bangs Some say is masculine and great while others say it’s a teenager look. A fade goes from really short to even shorter and often the skin. Now with Los Angeles Lakers, he has also graduated to bigger and bolder looks. Summer Crop High and Tight with a Little Surgical Part You need a really prepared barber for this one. High and Tight with Voluminous Top Hair Curly, black, blonde, highlighted. Most of these cuts have their roots in classic men's hair but add modern finishes.

The Coolest Men's Hairstyle in 2017 Is Bro Flow | GQ

That can mean doing it yourself or visiting a barber. Though his hair and personal style have improved a lot throughout the years, his twinkling blue eyes and infectious smile have stayed consistent and helped him maintain a successful career in Hollywood.

With shaved both sides and, this is the important part, a deep parting

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