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"This is a celebrity line, sure, but there are a million of them out there, so I wanted to figure out how I could be different," she told us. “But giving her the initials that remind you of that dynamic certainly is intriguing about what could go forward.” But Michelle and Mary Jane will have something in common in how they observe Peter Parker’s disappearances and excuses. Ariel chose a skin-tight latex black dress with red Tamara Melon pumps, which was MEH but typical dress for the Modern Family actress. "One thing I learned was that the first [collection] was a little too disjointed. One of those alterations comes in Zendaya’s portrayal of Michelle, who many assumed was a new character until an ending scene reveals that she actually goes by a very familiar set of initials: M.J.

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And if you love her style, then you probably already love Daya by Zendaya, her eponymous fashion label, too. had tons of texture.  Michael Buckner, Getty Images Zendaya was the belle of the ball that is the Golden Globes on Jan Chances are, if you love Zendaya, then you love her style. The TCAs locked in quite the line up as Louis Tomlinson and performed Back To You, rocked out to her hit , and Clean Bandit hit the stage with Zara Larsson - and that's only a few of the numbers!! Not to mention, we felt old AF when was honored with the Decade Award. She would help out in the theatre and even got to do many plays.

And now presenting Zendaya, the woman who has gone from 'Undercover' on Disney to covering your favorite major magazines and swinging onto the 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' screens. In salute to the chameleonic singer-actress, we reflect on her style.  Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic Zendaya looked chic in sparkling, striped pjs by Ashish at the Teen Choice Awards on Aug. For example, the premiere collection's loungewear and comfy clothes out-sold other pieces, which Zendaya had anticipated, since those sorts of pieces are integral to her own street style. “In setting up this will be a very different thing, she’s not Mary Jane Watson, that’s not who the character is,” Feige said. "I'm doing the best job I can at delivering the quality while also still keeping it real [price-wise]." The star also acknowledges that celebrity clothing lines are plentiful, but she's striving to have her own spin on the model. MORE SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING://Homecoming: All The Rumors Debunked/ She now lives in Los Angeles, California with her family and her dog, named "Midnight". "It's the easiest way to make an outfit - if you have jeans, just wear a jean T-shirt. This second time around, I wanted to tighten it, and make it more cohesive - like a [real] collection - and to get more specific with things."The actress was inspired by specific colors and textures, such as warmer tones, like copper and rust, and satin and silk fabrics. It needed to be a little more cohesive, and it was as if there were many options. "I'm one of those denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim people, because it looks good all the time and you can't go wrong [with it]," she told us. Since she's an avid denim fan, Zendaya wanted to add her own spin on the wardrobe staple. But with two previous series, they decided to team with Marvel Studios for and take a different approach to the Wallcrawler. Zendaya News Archive But before you ask what she'll be drinking to celebrate the occasion, you should know something about the former starlet - she doesn't partake! The Spider-Man: Homecoming actress took to her personal website to explain her decision not to drink alcohol. Brad pitt long hairstyle. "[Daya's customers] seem very empowered by the clothes, and they style it their own way. I think that's the beauty of clothes - yeah, we make them, but once they leave us, they're not ours anymore, and to see everybody make it their own is really beautiful for me." Sony’s latest attempt at kickstarting a a new franchise featuring Spider-Man is among their most successful yet - both fans and critics responded positively to the new movie and the box office performance is exceeding expectations. “It wasn’t just Mary Jane Watson; it wasn’t just Gwen Stacy; it wasn’t just Harry Osborn. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently spoke with Den Of Geek about that particular change from the typical version of Mary Jane Watson. Aside from the memorable speeches, there were also some killer performances that hit the stage.

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Plus, Daya by Zendaya is the first celebrity clothing line to market itself as gender neutral. She was a part of the California Shakespearian Theatre, where her mom worked as a House Manager. “Peter’s had a lot of friends over the years in the comics, and a lot of schoolmates and characters he’s interacted with,” Feige said

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